LBM was founded in 1980 as a service for kitchen professional machines of the American corporation Hobart from Ohio.

In 1995, LBM service was transformed into LBM Commerce Export – Import. Besides service, we started selling catering equipment with an accent on biowaste solutions.

In 2001, according to the HACCP standard, we have introduced various technologies for the Biowaste process to our market. For the LINCAT-IMC factory from the United Kingdom, for which we became their main distributor for Southeast Europe in 2008. we are importing macerators and dewaterers for biowaste. We have established a new collaboration for Southeastern Europe with BERCA BRAND from Spain, the producer of the Bighanna composter, with which we are also connected in the BERCA GROUP.

By connecting with this group, we can meet the client's needs from the smallest to the largest capacities of biowaste composting, pre-compost technologies, biofilters, green waste shredders, screening machines, sanitary waste disposal machines, livestock waste processing, fermentation composting, compactors …