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Instructions how to use
Open the cold water, turn the disposal on,
Push leftovers directly into his hole,
(Vegetables, fish, chicken bones, bone chops, nuts
and other fruits, pasta, peel eggs, etc.).
After reduction scraps go into the drainage pipes or septic tank.
The disposal does not have blade knives.
It macerates by centrifugal force throwing food into the side of chamber.
Sink can still be used normally (dishwasher etc.).
Dishwasher connects under the sink on the same drainage pipe with food waste disposal.
Application Conditions
The disposal can be installed easily and quickly,
Under a sink or a desk, in a new or existing kitchen.
When installing must be met certain conditions.
If these conditions are not met, the installation will be slightly more complicated, but not impossible.
The disposal is light and does not take much space under the sink.
It can incorporate any plumber following the instructions for installation.
You can install it yourself by following the instructions for installation.
It can be installed by an authorized dealer.
Hygienically clean!
The conventional way of disposal of food waste (throwing in the trash)
creates unpleasant odors and bacteria, and attracts insects, rats.
Food waste disposal helps maintain a clean kitchen hygiene
and therefor meets the standards of HACCP.
CHEAPER and Environmentally aware - not in the trash!
Using food waste disposal significantly reduce the volume and weight of garbage in the bag!
Significantly contributes to reducing the space for the disposal of food waste,
and the pollution of the environment, and the country returns important organic ingredients.
For professional "IMC"
Instructions on the work are similar as in the upper grinders!